Old Lady to visit Vegas…

I leave tomorrow for my solo-woman-on-the-road-roadtrip. I’m all packed, I’ve said my goodbyes at work, I’ve stocked up on maps that cover any route I may decide to take between here and Portland, Oregon. Slightly nervous about the long drives by myself, but I’ve got healthy snacks to munch on, lots of Beatles CDs to listen to, and eight audiobooks that’ll keep me entertained when I need some new voices around me. I’ve got an extra battery for my cell phone, a first aid kit, and a list of emergency contacts and doctors’ numbers.

I just have to take some deep breaths—I don’t believe that I’m going to do this! One month of driving, hiking, and seeing states I’ve never been to. Mostly I’ll be visiting national parks, gardens, and museums, but first…

First stop: Las Vegas! Do you believe that I’m going to do that? Is that not a place for a 60 year old newly divorced woman?—that’s my question. But I guess I’ll find out. It’s about a five hour drive from Phoenix and I’ve already booked a spot at the Venetian Resort, located on The Strip, and I’ve already got tickets to Cirque de Soliel and a spa treatment at The Spa at the Mirage Las Vegas which I think is where Siegfried and Roy have their Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Do you know that I haven’t ever had a professional massage in my whole life? I think I deserve one by now, don’t you?

Basically, I plan on giving myself the real “Vegas Experience” as I’ve always imagined it (plus or minus a few things that I’m just too….too old for, really). I’m going to indulge and relax and spend money, go to shows, and see the lights. For me, indulgences like that are as sinful as I get, so that’ll be my version of Sin City.

A young man at work even taught me how to play Texas Holdem!

There are some beautiful scenic drives in the area through the Mojave Desert and Red Rock Canyon, so after a few days in Vegas, I’ll head that way for a drive and then continue going north.

Wish me luck! We’ll definitely be in touch!

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3 Responses

  1. Your trip sounds lovely Martha, and as a massage therapist here in Las Vegas, your long drive should include massages all along your route!!! All that driving and hiking will take its toll! The Spa at the Mirage is Nice, but if you would like to save a few $$ give me a call, and I can come out to the Venetian to your room (702)281-5649. http://www.massageinlasvegas.mobi

    Remember to drive through the Valley of Fire as well…beautiful scenery, and historical value in the petroglyphs. At the fork in the road, the left takes you to tourist attractions, the right is a bit beaten, but has a family of owls (as big as us) living in the caves.
    Have Fun! Gayla-

  2. Las Vegas is a great place to start and it sounds like you are going to do it right.

    Red Rock is 30-34 minutes from The Strip (depending on traffic) so just do it some morning.

    The weather is heating up here. I’d keep a new gallon of water in your car on the rare chance you’d break down while out exploring the Mojave. Even if you are on a main road, help may take a little while.

    If your budget allows, take a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. There is nothing like it. Check out this YouTube video:

    Have fun!

    Ted Newkirk
    Managing Editor

  3. Thank you Gayla — I wish I had gotten your message before getting my massage and I would’ve given you a ring. I’ll keep on hand for next time!

    And thank you Ted for your advice. I head out to the Mojave Desert shortly!


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