I’m Home

Well I’m back. I am sure many of you were wondering where the hell had Tim gone to? Well let me cut to the chase. I was sitting in a cafe in Ithaca, NY and well I got up to go to the bathroom and when I returned my laptop was stolen. I couldn’t believe it. I asked everyone in the cafe and no one had saw a thing. Well that was that. No more laptop–no more road journaling and with that I decided to return home. I hitched from Ithaca to Elmira and camped there for the night. After that I scrounged enough money to get a bus to Monsey. From Monsey I got a ride with a trucker to New Paltz and of course once in New Paltz it didn’t take me long to get back to my home.

I had a great experience. Really. I saw many different beautiful things, and experienced a tiny bit of reliance on a higher power. Actually I ended up breaking my long time addiction to caffeine as well.

I’ve decided to lay low for a while and stay in my house on the banks of the Walkill. This time the shallow rushing waters will be enough for me.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Tim,
    Glad to hear an update, I am a lurker in reading, but was enjoying your journeys.

    So sorry to hear about your laptop! I just don’t understand how people take things, especially like laptops, that aren’t there’s.

    Have a wonderful stay at home. Sounds like a nice relaxing time.

    Look forward to future journeys 🙂

    Seasons Greetings,

  2. Glad for your overall great experience. I can’t believe some loser stole your laptop. Welcome home.

  3. Well glad you made it home safely. Sucks about the laptop.
    I enjoyed following you for the few posts that I did get to read. Hope to read you more.
    take care.

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