Lake Revelation

My trip planner is right. The waters of Lake Cayuga are beautiful. I made it up here using a public bus and after short dining experience at a cafe in Ithaca I decided to flee to the less settled shore line of Lake Cayuga up north. Its beautiful here and restful. I can think about the complexities by removing myself from them until everything seems just simple, just an expression of the divine. Isn’t that what this is about? Expressing the impossible, recanting and collecting thoughts in a manner that is a consolidation of revelation of one’s inner spirit? Thats my trip and yeah I guess I am a floaty and doing some inner traveling right now. So I guess I’ll post this and break.

4 Responses

  1. Ithaca and Cayuga Lake are beautiful this time of year. It’s a very spiritual place. I recommend buttermilk Falls and a stop at Sheldrake Winery for a wine tasting. I’ve kayaked the lake from Ithaca up, and that was the most beautiful spot to reflect. I’ll be checking in once and a while to see where you go next.

    Oh, side note, I grew up around Stone Ridge..

  2. Oh man, you’re making me jealous. It’s been something like 35 years since I’ve seen Lake Cayuga, and yes, it’s totally beautiful. I’m enjoying reading about your journey, every time you post that there’s an update on your Twitter I pop over here to see it.
    Happy journey.

  3. I do the same. Check in after I see you on twitter.

    I went to college in that area just about 20 years ago. Beautiful, tranquil and perfect for hiking.

  4. Man, I just came to your site after seeing that you added me on Twitter. I don’t think I know you… but I like what you’re doing here. I have only read a few posts… good stuff.

    You’re making me miss things back there, I was actually born in Hudson and lived all around that area… even in Walkill and New Paltz. Memories!

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